Take a look through our history to see what makes Keystone Always Smooth.

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Keystone Light is introduced with the tagline “Bottled Beer Taste in a Can”.

We sponsored our first NASCAR driver, Wally Dallenbach Jr., and launched the NASCAR Winston Cup can featuring the season schedule.

  • We proclaim our love of fishing by partnering with Field and Stream.
  • We launch the “Keystone Beer Fishing Hotline” with the North American Fishing Club.

As part of a NASCAR promotion we launched our “Drive Like A Pro” sweepstakes and sent 15 lucky winners to racing school in Atlanta.

Keystone Light showcases its Smooth credentials with the tagline, “Smooth, Never Bitter Taste.”

We’re great for any occasion, and as such, we are, “Always Smooth, Never Bitter”.

The first year Keystone Light asks fans to join “The Hunt”. Fans set out to find a rare orange can hidden in our packs.

We first partner with Realtree for The Hunt, by launching the Realtree Xtra® camo can.

We’re continuing on our legacy of more than 30 years through our passion points and by always bringing fans an easy drinking, Always Smooth, Keystone Light.